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Your Excuses Are Killing You


By: Taylor Empey | CFT, SFN, SET, Elite Trainer Level I | Iron Allies Fitness | 3844 S. 300 E. Salt Lake City, UT 84115 | 801-263-5336 | |

Okay so today we want to call you out on something…

Stop making excuses when it comes to your health and fitness. We know it’s hard, we have had to make sacrifices of our own as well. Work, time, money, kids, family events, temptation, peer pressure, etc. They are all excuses.

An excuse takes less immediate effort than an action, but in the long run the action taker always has the advantage.

  • Don’t skip out on your responsibilities with excuses, instead expect more from yourself.
  • Focus on the big reason why you are losing the fat and building the muscle. Make a list of the benefits you’ll enjoy once you achieve your goal, and read them first thing each morning.
  • Remember that you can only have two things in life: excuses or results. Which do you want?

Don’t allow excuses to run your life any longer.

If you are new, you need help, don’t know where to start, or simply need accountability and motivation, reach out to us here at Iron Allies Fitness!

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-Team Iron Allies Fitness

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