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When you first decide to have a child and all the things you need to do, most people initially think of preparing a room, getting all the baby supplies and focusing on the trappings of child care. In reality, before you even start trying to conceive, you need to focus on your overall health. It starts with preparing your body for the stress of childbirth and the many changes it undergoes. The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be and the easier the delivery will be. A Salt Lake City fitness trainer can help you get into shape before conception, during pregnancy and get back to normal after the baby is born.

You need to get fit before you try to conceive.

Not only does moderate exercising help you get stronger and more fit, it also aids conception. It’s better to shed the extra pounds before you conceive and exercising is part of that process. It also helps prevent extra pounds accumulating during pregnancy. Exercising also prepares your body so that labor is easier and shorter. It reduces the risk of gestation diabetes, too. While excessive exercise reduces the potential of conception, moderate exercise helps. That’s why working with a personal trainer before conception is so important. He or she can create a program designed specifically for the hope-to-be-mother.

Exercising during pregnancy and after delivery is important too.

While it’s best to start an exercise program before conception and continue it through the pregnancy and after delivery, you can still begin exercise regimens when you’re pregnant. The key is to make sure it’s low impact and not too strenuous. Regular exercising during pregnancy can help improve your posture and relieve some of the more common problems such as constipation, backache and fatigue. It helps keep you energized, prevent gestational diabetes and prepares your body for delivery. Postpartum exercise is important to aid weight loss, tone and strengthen the abs, boost energy and relieve stress.

Trainers help with more than just exercising.

Some trainers provide nutritional advice. For instance, they may provide a diet that boosts folic acid, which is important for the prevention of Spina Bifida. Ensuring you’re eating healthy also makes certain your baby is receiving all the nutrients it needs and your body won’t suffer for it. You’ll also avoid the excess weight that can accumulate during pregnancy, which is often hard to shed after the baby is born.

  • It’s important to work with a personal trainer during any of the phases. Too much exercise is just as bad as too little, especially if it’s strenuous. Trainers have the background to help you find the exercising sweet spot and know the right type of routines to use.
  • If you smoke and want to quit before you get pregnant, a program of exercising can help. It lowers the urge to smoke for up to 50 minutes after you cease exercising and during exercise, while also reducing the potential weight gain.
  • Just easing up your normal workout routine may not be enough during pregnancy. Your body is totally different during pregnancy and needs specific types of workouts.
  • Always check with your primary care provider before starting a program of exercise.

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