How To Stay Motivated On Your Weight Loss Journey In Salt Lake City

No matter who you are, changing lifestyle habits are hard. A sedentary lifestyle and poor selection of food is one of those habits that are tough to break. If you want to stay motivated on your weight loss journey in Salt Lake City, here are some activities you can do to help you stick with your resolve and the new lifestyle you’ve chosen. The first is using GREENbikes to get to work. Many employers in the city offer passes, so you can peddle off the pounds while keeping the environment cleaner. You don’t have to do it every day, choose a day or two a week to do it. Plan your course ahead of time and give yourself plenty of time to get to work, even if you arrive early.

Shop at the local farmer’s market, then plan healthy meals around your purchases.

There are many choices in Salt Lake City. Whether shopping at Urban Greens Market, Downtown, Sunnyvale, 9th West, Sugar House, University of Utah, Murray, VA or Wasatch Front Farmers Market, it can be a fun day to find healthy options and create delicious meals that are good for you. Walking through the aisle of produce gets you in the mood to stay healthy and helps you stick with the program. If there’s a market close to you, walk or ride a bike to the destination. You’ll have fun learning new recipes for the wonderful products you find at the market.

Find out when you’re more apt to get off your path to fitness and plan an activity.

If you’re more likely to cave in on the weekend and spend that time lounging and eating, make plans with a friend for a picnic and a hike. You can do a walking tour in the city and stop at one of the local parks for a bite. There are 126 local parks and 925 acres dedicated to them. You might walk to a municipal playground with the kids, too. Take a healthy snack to eat along the way.

Learn something new and make it active.

Take your mind off your weight loss program and redirect it to learning a new active sport. It could be anything from skiing or snowboarding to rock climbing and kayaking. It’s always more fun when you go with a friend and better for your weight loss program and budget when you take your own healthy meal along to eat when you’re hungry. Don’t forget to take healthy snacks, too.

  • Visit a botanical garden to find serenity. Red Butte Botanical Garden is probably the best known, but there are others, such as GilgaSculpture Garden, International Peace Garden at Jordon Park.
  • Use the buddy system to stay on track. Having someone with similar goals boost you up when you need help is super important. It’s one reason using a personal trainer works so well.
  • Buy new clothes. Whether you reward yourself with a new outfit for losing weight or buy an outfit that’s a bit too tight as an incentive, it can help keep you more focused when there’s a prize (besides looking fabulous and feeling great) for your efforts.
  • Plan an active vacation weekend. Plan a trip to the mountains for hiking, skiing or bike riding, where you’ll need all the energy you can muster. Knowing you’ll need to be in shape to really enjoy the trip can help you through the tough times and keep you going to the gym. Of course, you’ll shed pounds in the process.