Boot Camp Fitness Center SLC

If you want a personalized fitness program that’s effective and fun, consider a boot camp fitness center SLC. Boot camps are led by personal trainers and even though it’s a group activity, you get an individualized program. The trainer first learns your goals and special needs, such as physical limitations that might require modifying the program, like back problems. Then he or she assesses all four types of fitness; your endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. At that point, the trainer creates your personalized program.

There’s no feeling of being left behind or being bored waiting for others to catch up with you.

It’s not like your typical exercise class where everyone is doing exactly the same thing. Each person may look like they’re all exercising the same, but some will have more repetitions, more intensity or even a different form. For instance, the couch potato may be doing a bent knee form of push up, while everyone else is doing a regular one. Each person will struggle with their goals that are hard, but still safely within their capabilities.

So where does the fun come in during this sweaty workout?

Since everyone is struggling, even the very fit, there’s a lot of empathy and comradery. You’ll often see people high-fiving each other when they managed to reach their goal or cheering each other on to victory. It’s extremely motivating and while there’s a lot of interaction, it doesn’t distract from the main goals, getting stronger, improving range of motion, building endurance and improving balance.

Boot camps are a way to get the most for your exercising dollar.

Boot camps cost far less than private sessions with a trainer. That’s because everyone is sharing in the cost of the trainer’s time. That makes it far less per person. You still get all the benefits of having a trainer, too. Some people use boot camps to see if they want to use a personal trainer. Others rely exclusively on boot camps, signing up for the next one as soon as the first one ends.

  • You’ll learn how to do each exercise right when you go to a boot camp. Not only does the trainer show you how to do it, he or she watches to make sure you have the right form. That helps prevent injury and maximizes the results.
  • You’ll never be bored at a boot camp. The trainer varies the program. That also gives you a wealth of workouts you can do later and prevents plateauing if you’re trying to lose weight.
  • You’re more apt to go to a boot camp because it’s a specific appointment with fitness. One reason people often fail at fitness programs is that it’s too easy to postpone workouts on your own.
  • You’ll see results far faster when you work with a personal trainer. Some people use boot camps to jump start their workout program.