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5 Myths About Strength Training


By: Taylor Empey | CFT, SFN, SET, Elite Trainer Level I | Iron Allies Fitness | 3844 S. 300 E. Salt Lake City, UT 84115 | 801-263-5336 | |

What’s Up Allies?!!

Okay, so we’ve got to warn you. There are bogus rumors going around about strength training.

The truth is that strength training is one of the absolute BEST things you can do for your health and appearance regardless of whether your goal is fat loss, developing lean muscle or both.

If you’ve fallen for these 5 myths then you’re missing out on serious potential results.

Myth #1 Muscle Turns Into Fat (or vice versa)

Why would anyone want to build muscle if it could morph into fat after a span of disuse? Rest assured that this is a myth of the highest order. Muscle tissue is muscle tissue. Fat tissue is fat tissue. One will never become the other. And the more muscle you have the easier it is to burn fat!

Myth #2 Strength Training Doesn’t Burn Fat

On the contrary, muscle mass is your number one ally against fat gains. A pound of muscle burns 10-20 and sometimes even more calories each day, while you’re just living and breathing. Regular strength training helps you increase your muscle mass as well as preserve existing muscle mass, turning you into a fat burning machine.

Myth #3 Lifting Weights Makes Women Bulk Up

Yes, strength training increases the amount of muscle on your body; so many women take this to mean that their body will become body-builder-esque, or if they lift weights they will immediately become ‘bulky.’ This simply is not true. It takes years of dedication to seriously challenging weight lifting, eating substantial amounts of calories, supplement use, and many athletes sometimes actually use steroids/hormones/drugs in order to bulk up.

The truth is that the female body simply doesn’t contain high enough levels of testosterone to produce that level of results without a very focused and dedicated effort for an extremely long time. Let’s be honest many men even struggle to put on muscle mass and they have about 10x the testosterone as women. So put your fears aside about getting bulky if you lift weights.

And let’s be honest on another thing…the athletic figure of a recreational female weightlifter is every bit feminine, attractive, and just downright impressive!

Myth #4 Strength Training Is For Young People Only

Ha, that’s a used-up excuse that senior citizens across the globe have shattered.

Assuming that your doctor has given you the OK, you have much to gain from a regular weight lifting routine.

Improved balance and coordination, better strength and flexibility, and a decreased risk of osteoporosis are just the beginning.

And we can tell you, some of our most amazing client transformations have been with clients in their 60’s!

Myth #5 Use Light Weight and High Reps To “Tone

This myth, popularized in the 90’s, that very high repetitions of very light weights would result in a toned physique, has become outdated and debunked. These high repetitions will increase your muscular endurance and made add tiny bits of muscle over a long period of time but you simply won’t see the tight lean muscles you want unless you actually lift very heavy challenging weights for repetitions between 1-8 reps; sometimes 10-12. Another added benefit of heavy resistance training is that it increases your metabolism dramatically when you have more lean muscle mass which means you can burn more fat and have more freedom with food.

We hope this article helps in your fat loss and muscle development goals!

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