I went from a size 14 to a 4!

    %image_alt%“I hired Taylor as my personal trainer in February of 2012 and saw immediate results. He is efficient, knowledgeable, creative, honest, full of energy, and truly knows what he is doing. He helped me attain unimaginable results and helped me transform my physical health as well as helped me to develop a healthy mindset and outlook. Through supporting me as a personal trainer, Taylor also taught me crucial skills that have played into my personal life as well as my professional life. You get results with Taylor because he will never let you fail.” I grew up, like most girls, feeling very insecure about myself and my body.  i was tall, gangly, always tripping over myself, not too good at sports, struggled with some subjects in school, had “friends” who made me feel worse about myself, and while i was extremely happy and well-loved by my family, internally i felt broken.

    As the years progressed, so did my insecurities.  when i looked in the mirror, i saw a version of myself that i didn’t like, a version that nobody else saw.  i always focused on my imperfections, my flaws, my insecurities, and my weaknesses.  that self-deprecating attitude and behavior led to a lot of self-loathing that i was really successful at hiding.  though i didn’t feel it, i was told that i put off an air of confidence and strength.  i must have been very good at faking it because i didn’t like who or what i saw in the mirror.

    I struggled with body image issues and sought gratification and validation through unhealthy routes.  relationships with people and food became toxic and when i’d start to feel worse about myself and my choices, i’d binge and purge.  i did this for years, hiding bulimia from family and friends, and i came to hate and distrust myself even more.

    Amazing doctors and therapists stepped in to help what was not a make or break moment.  i wasn’t skin and bones and withering away, physically.  i was mentally.  they helped me stop the bulimia.  but i still wasn’t happy.

    As more and more weight would pile on, so did the temptation to resort back to the bulimia.  i’d do the smart thing, from time to time, and exercise and cut out junk food and fast food, but i wasn’t consistent.  i’d cut calories, cut fat, limit carbohydrates, starve myself for days on end, and i even went so far as to do several rounds of the hcg diet.  trust me, people, that diet is the worst possible thing you could do for yourself.  though i lost a lot of weight, i learned absolutely nothing.  i ate 500 calories a day, felt happier to see shrinking thighs but struggled with my energy and ultimately put on the 40 pounds i lost, plus an addition 15 pounds.  it was hell.  sorry, mom, i know you don’t like that word…but i was living in my own version of hell.  i was back to totally hating myself and flirting with shoving that finger down my throat after every meal.

    I hit my breaking point at about 180 pounds, my highest weight, ever.  i was struggling to fit into my size 14 and size 16 pants and i’d squeeze into spanx to help things fit better.  i’m pear shaped and am totally glute/abcentric with where i carry my weight, so my face and arms stayed slim.  it was easy to hide the rest of me while still giving off the impression that i wasn’t as big as i really was.  but all the spanx and smiles couldn’t hide what was really under there.  i started getting my nutrition back in check and began running and doing home workout dvds.  i lost 15 pounds.  that would be awesome for most people, but i wanted better results.

    That’s where my hero came into play.

    I swallowed my pride, joined my local gym and signed up for my free fitness consultation with a trainer.  i knew i was committed.  i knew getting my life and body back on track was my priority, and i knew that i needed to find someone that i could trust to help me with that.  that person was Taylor Empey.

    We trained together for 15 months.  i saw amazing progress with my body, but an even greater sense of accomplishment with my mind and life.  Taylor went the extra mile and truly became my life coach.  helping me with everything from relationship advice to career mentoring, Taylor has coached me into succeeding. In training with Taylor I went from a size 14 to a 4!

    most of us have dreams of what we want to do with our lives and careers.  most of us stay asleep in those dreams.  Taylor opened his eyes and has made his dream a reality by going into business for himself to help transform not just bodies but lives.  though i will miss him pushing me in the gym, i’m grateful that the lessons he taught me are forever imprinted in my mind and i’m even more grateful to be involved in this next phase of his life and career.

    You don’t have to be living in Utah to benefit from his wisdom, experience, and his amazing story of transformation…you can work with him from wherever you are.

    You’ve heard my story.  you’ve seen my results.  you’ve seen what Taylor Empey is capable of.  why not see what you are capable of with his help?  whether you are interested in signing up for coaching packages, or you want to benefit from his free content, there’s no better time to start writing your own success story.” – Dori Knight